Workshops are a fundamental institution for BCMA, as they provide intensive learning and networking opportunities. For over 10 years we have been able to bring exceptional instructors to Bozeman for two and three day intensive workshops in martial arts, Chigong, Accupressure and related arts. Most of these have been with Master George Hu, and for the past few years we have also brought out Sifu Scott Rodell for sword specific workshops. If you are visiting for a workshop and need additional information, please see the Area Info page for maps and locations.


Chinese Martial Arts Workshop with Master George HuMaster Hu

Typically held in May or early April, this workshop supplements regular class topics, as well as adding new material and material suitable for beginners or other disciplines. For the past few years Master Hu has taught a seated chigong class that has proved very popular for all abilities. Other workshop topics have included Tai Chi push hands, staff, spear, Ba Gua, Shuai Jiao, northern Praying Mantis, Chin Na, martial arts basics and the I Ching. These are always excellent workshops, and Master Hu keeps the material accessible to all who participate. 


Summer Sword Workshop with Scott Rodell

This workshop is typically the third or fourthRodell weekend in August. Its emphasis is Chinese swordsmanship as practiced through basic drills and partner exercises. As a core group of people advances through the material, the Yangjia Michuan sword form will be taught as well. These workshops are great for anyone studying Chinese or other sword techniques, and always provide insights into historical use and training.