Gear for Students and Enthusiasts


T-shirts (long and short sleeve) are now available with the school logo embroidered on the front. T-shirts are $15 each, $18 each for long sleeve. I can also get sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece, beanies, etc. Just ask and I can see if itsembroidery example available. Shirt colors are black, navy, charcoal (dk gray), and heather (lt gray). Other colors available on request. Click the embroidery picture for a larger image.

Embroidery of the school logo can be done on any personal items as well. Cost for embroidery is $8 per item. Heavier jackets or bags will be $10 per item. Embroidery colors can be modified for different material colors. 


Patches are available to students for $3 each. These are great for gear bags, uniforms, etc.

Stickers are available for $0.50 each, and are all weather vinyl


stickers, 2" x 5".

Gear: I have gotten school accounts through three different companies that offer a wide range of martial arts clothing and gear. Below are the names and descriptions of the companies with links to their catalogs. Add embroidery to any item you purchase through me for $5.


Beijing Imports

This is Master Hu's supplier out of Houston, Nelson Chin. He carries a lot of great stuff, and this is where I get most of my uniforms, clothing and weapons. The catalog link is a pdf catalog with my pricing, and all prices include shipping. Most of these are 20% off the web prices, but sometimes he has realy good sales on the website or has new items that I don't show. Any item shown with a minimum pieces per order means I need to get the minimum number. If you give me advance notice, I can probably get some other people to order at the same time.

PDF Catalog

Beijing Imports Website


Kwon Martial Arts Supplies

Kwon has a nice selection of gear, most of wich is tailored to Tae Kwon Do. They carry some nice Kali/ Escrima gear that works great for sword practice, including a helmet and body protector. I can get most items for 20% off the catalog price including shipping. Contact me with any questions or to check on pricing.

Kwon USA Website

Bold Look Martial Arts Supplies

I've used this company for uniforms for the kids classes and liked the quality of their product. They have a lot of other uniforms and equipment on their site, and if you are interested please contact me for pricing. Their products look to be a good value for the price. 

Bold Look Website