Welcome to the home of Bozeman Chinese Martial Arts

Bozeman Chinese Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching and promoting Chinese martial arts in Bozeman and surrounding areas. Classes are offered in traditional Chinese martial and healing arts that train the mind as well as the body. Directed by Mike Wiseman, BCMA offers access to world class instructors and material through classes, workshops, guest speaking and private lessons. If you're new to Chinese martial arts or want to know more about me, some quick answers to common questions are in the FAQ

Winter 2014/ 2015

After being gone last winter and spring, and getting back in the swing of things this fall, I am happy to anounce classes are back on schedule. Bagua has moved to Monday and Thursday mornings, from 6:15am to 7:15am, and Tai Chi is still on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:05pm to 12:55pm. Please see the Classes page for location updates. I will be starting a new beginner's cycle after the first of the year, so if you're considering starting a new class that's a perfect time to join. I am also going to start some 4 to 6 week "intensives", focusing on a primary subject for short amounts of time. The goal of these classes will be to get practitioners comfortable with topics they can continue with at home, or to supplement their existing exercise routine. Look for these later in the winter.

Spring 2013

With the change in seasons comes a big change for BCMA, we are moving to a new practice space. Actually, Big Sky Aikido is moving, and we're going along for the ride. The new space is at  421 W Griffin Dr, #3, in the Sundance Business Court. If you are heading from Main Street towards the interstate on 7th, go over the interstate and take the next right at tht light, that's Griffin. The first tan metal buildings on the left are where the new Dojo is located, but you can't turn left into the parking lot, so take a left on Maus Lane and circle around the back of the buildings, then turn left into the parking lot. A map can be found here.

Buy This Book:  Making Taiji Work for You

I have read quite a few Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi and other martial arts books, but few are worth the paper they are printed on. Also, very few are based on anything close to the leaneages I study, least of all Yangjia Michuan. Scott Rodell has published books that focus on Tai Chi empty hand and sword practice that are excellent (see these) and I would recommend any of them. But nobody has put together anything resembling Master Hu's approach. Until now. Long time student and teacher Bob Leedle and his wife Jane have, after several years of toil, published a very complete and thorough volume covering a huge amount of information: "Making Taiji Work for You." This is a very detailed and practical text on body mechanics in Tai Chi, and how to make them work. It is not a form book, though it does contain a lot of exercises and drills.Contact Bob directly to purchase a copy and help support his labor of love.