Martial Arts Lineage


Master George Ling Hu

George Ling Hu was born in 1942 in Chung King on the Chinese Mainland, the son of physicians of Western Medicine, and moved toTaipei, Taiwan in the late 1940’s. At age 11, he became a student of Master Han Ching Tang, studying Shaolin Temple Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan. At 15, he began his martial arts teaching career. Later under Master Wang Yen-nein, he studied the Secret Yang family form of Tai-Chi Chuan. He has studied the Character System with Master Shoung Cheng Shun, Chi Kung with Master Shih Shen-teh from Shanghai, Tai Chi Chuan with Master Shih Ming in the Purple Bamboo Park in Beijing, Shan Shie style of Hsing-I Chuan with Master Wu Chao-shung and Sun Style Pa Kua and Hsing-I Chuan with General Stewart Ho. In addition, he has also studied Shuai Chiao with Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung Sheng, Chin Na, and Nei Kung, Yoga and Therapeutic Massage.

Master Hu is a member of the China Tai Chi Chuan Association, a very select society that is a rare honor and privilege to be elected to join. He has served on its Research Committee, which is devoted to the scientific evaluation of Tai Chi Chuan, study of its history, and investigation of special training programs, along with study of the physiology of the exercise. He has also served on its Teaching Committee, which is devoted to designing programs for Tai Chi Chuan instruction. In addition, Master Hu is a member of the National Kuo Shu Association of Taiwan, the Taiwan Yoga Association and the Texas Acupuncture Association

Since coming to the U.S. in 1969, he has taught Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu classes at the University of Chicago, College of Dupage, Governor’s State University, the University of Illinois. He has taught Tai Chi in the Physical Education Department at Roosevelt University while completing a course of cultural studies in Chinese Philosophy and Tai Chi Chuan in the Anthropology Department. He also presented a seminar at the Fetzer Institute and he has appeared on the Baylor Medical Center Television Channel.

Each year, for over fifteen years he has given over 10 annual demonstrations and workshops of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan in places such as Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Ohio and Texas. During this martial arts career, he has participated in twenty five tournaments, placing first in most competitions.

In addition to his many martial arts distinctions, Master Hu holds graduate degrees in Geology and Mineralogy from both the National Taiwan University and the University of Chicago.  He currently teaches Chi Kung and Internal Style Martial Arts full time in Houston, Texas.


Scott Rodell

Scott M. Rodell is the Director of the Great River Taoist Center, which he founded in 1984. Great River is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has branches in Baltimore and across Russia, Estonia and Finland.
Mr. Rodell began studying martial arts at nine years of age, practiceing Karate, Judo, Tournament & Instinct Archery, Wrestling, Olympic Fencing & Marksmanship before devoting his training full time to taijiquan (tai chi chuan). He has over 20 years taijiquan (tai chi chuan) training in two branches of Yang Taijiquan, and has studied with several senior students of Zheng Manqing, including noted masters William C.C. Chen & T.T. Liang. He studied push hands & free fighting with Chen & push hands & sword with Liang. Rodell is also a disciple student of Master Wang Yen-nian of Shanxi province with whom he studied all aspect of Yang family Michuan (Secret Teaching) Taijiquan. During the late '80s he was Push Hands Champion at several Nationally Sanctioned tournaments & placed Second in Push Hands at the International Championship held in the Republic of China in 1991. Mr. Rodell is the author of  "Taiji Notebook for Martial Artists and "Chinese Swordsmanship, The Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition", is a moderator of the Chinese Swords and Swordsmanship Forum on Sword Forum International, and is the founder of the Traditional Chinese Sword League.


Mike Wiseman

Mike Wiseman began his Chinese martial arts training in 1991 with the local intramural club at Montana State University . Tai Chi, Chigong, and Long Fist were the primary styles, but soon branched into Ba Gua, Shuai Jiao, and Northern Praying Mantis with successive teaching trips by Master George Hu. In 1997, Mike took over running the intramural club and continued to promote the arts and bringing Master Hu to Bozeman. In 2001, the intramural club moved to an official MSU class in beginning Tai Chi, which continued through 2005 when the gym was closed for construction. In 2006, Mike began Michuan sword training with Scott Rodell, bringing him to Bozeman for a historical Chinese swordsmanship seminar, and has gotten a group together to focus on this training as well. Bozeman Chinese Martial Arts was created to help organize classes, schedules and workshops under one umbrella, and to provide a place for information about Chinese martial arts in Bozeman.

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